Drill Mount Rimless Frame Expert Certificate Class

Online Registration is Closed. Please register on-site. If you have questions, please send us an e-mail.

A three hour course on Sunday May 7, sponsored by Silhouette Optical will teach participants all aspects of drill mount rimless frames.  You will be exposed to concepts in selecting lenses, choosing and customizing lens shapes, Rx considerations, and lens materials suitable for rimless mounts and Rx criteria.   Register Now

We will discuss best practices for implementation and the benefits from both the consumer and practice perspectives. We will also cover the many possibilities in regard to rimless eyewear selection, design, customization, and mounting and dispensing techniques as well as learning to apply a high level customization of rimless eyewear through personalizing the lens shapes and color tones to match the patient/client facial shapes and skin tones.   REGISTER

The course will cover:

  • Rimless frame materials
  • Differentiation between different types of rimless and semi-rimless mounts
  • Prescription limitations for rimless
  • How the Rx impacts and interacts with lens shape
  • Compare/Contrast the Opticians’ perspective and the perspective of the patient/client.
  • Lens materials for rimless
  • Characteristics of various lens materials (index of refraction, tensile strength, specific gravity)
  • Proper fabrication of rimless lenses
  • Considerations of lens treatments and their application to the Rx
  • Edge Treatments and decorating rimless lenses
  • Customizing lens shapes for rimless patients
  • Proper mounting and unmounting tools and techniques
  • Proper adjusting of rimless frames and materials

Each participant will work with an individual chassis and learn how to use each tool in mounting, unmounting and adjustment.

The course culminates with a certificate acknowledging to all they are Rimless Frame Expert, certified by the OAV and trained by Silhouette Optical.

Three hour course will be worth 2 ABO credits for participants who are ABO-certified as well. You do not need to be ABO certified, or an optician to attend the class.