1 hour webinar given by – Bob Main, A.B.O.M, F.N.A.O.

DATE:Tuesday, May 13   TIME: 7 p.m.   LOCATION: Online!   COST: Free


For many ECPs, Facebook is a mystery. You hear that it is a great place to grow a practice, but remain confused how to make that happen. This course will demonstrate how to set up a Facebook page, how to market it, how to set up security settings and how to read Facebook user analytics. Knowing and understanding how to use these key elements of Facebook will help grow your practice using Facebook.

Detailed Course Outline

1. The key components of a Facebook business page and what looks good and what looks bad

The difference between a personal profile and a business page, Facebook primary banner and picture profile and Difference between newsfeed and posting

2.  How to use online software programs to build “tabs” on Facebook

Review some of the online software tools available to help “trick-out” a Facebook page. Discover Tabsite and how to set up a “tab” on Facebook and how to use pre-made professional templates to make tabs look good.
How to engage existing patients thru correct content, contests, trivia, etc. and how to transfer that design to a Facebook page

3. Using Facebook to market your practice

Answer questions:  Should you advertise on Facebook?  If so, how and how much to spend?  How to get free marketing/advertising?  Creating and managing ads and measuring results to determine the ROI

4. How to set up Facebook security settings

a. Demonstrate where the security settings are found
b. Show the various security settings
c. Review how to set them for maximum protection

5. Final thoughts and questions

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