OAV members and friends,

Please read the information provided below and use the attached document as guidance in articulating what we want to achieve. We have to do all we can over the next 10 days to make any difference!!
Don’t delay – make your calls now and ask family, patients, friends and everyone you know to do the same! We need at least 200 calls to have an impact!

Delegate Ware needs to be the first point of contact since he is the primary sponsor of the Bill. Next I would start contacting every member of the House Commerce and Labor committee. This way if we have the Bill amended in committee or by the Bill sponsor we don’t have to have everyone contact anyone else. This has to be done quickly with a lot of pressure, especially on Delegate Ware. We need to generate at least 200+ calls and emails to Delegate Ware and members of the House Commerce committee. I think that would get the ball rolling in our direction.
Contact for Delegate Ware (below) and the entire House Commerce Committee for this bill are listed below – no excuses – GET AT IT! CALL & EMAIL as many as you can!

Delegate R. Lee Ware, Jr.(R) – House District 65

House Bill 1444.pdf