Support House Bill 368

Dear Virginia Optician
End unfair practices stripping consumers and eyecare professional of choices.

A Bill has been introduced into the Virginia General Assembly which would end the recent practice by insurance companies and vision plans of forcing eyecare providers to use only suppliers and laboratories affiliated with the same insurance companies and vision care plans. OAV believes this is in the best interest of all opticians and is in support of Bill 368.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! The bill goes in front of the assembly tomorrow.

Please contact Delegate Chris Head, the chief patron of HB368, and let him know of your support for this important bill which supports patient and provider rights. Please thank him as well for supporting both patient and provider alike by introducing this Bill. It is also extremely important to write in support of HB368 to members of the House subcommittee assigned to this Bill, as they will meet on it on the morning of Thursday January 23.Please send emails in your own words or call them directly at the General Assembly. Anyone affected from patient to provider is encouraged to write, so pass this along to friends, relatives, and fellow employees. It only take a few moments to make a huge difference. Contact information is listed below for your convenience. Do not forget to mention the bill number HB368 and include your contact information.

Click here to view the text of the bill.

Please share this with all our colleagues! Thank you for your continued support of the of all opticians in Virginia!

Kristi Green
Opticians Association of Virginia

Contact Information for the Subcommittee

Chief Bill Patron
Delegate Chris Head
(804) 698-1017

Subcommittee Members

Subcommittee Chairman
Delegate Timothy Hugo

Delegate Tom Rust

Delegate Danny Marshall

Delegate Benjamin Cline

Delegate Manoli Loupassi

Delegate Barbara Comstock

Delegate Peter Farrell

Delegate Jennifer McClellan

Delegate Lionel Spruill

Delegate Mathew James