Opticians are being left out!oav logoHouse Bill 1444 goes before the General Assembly this week! It is designed to prevent vision plans from forcing eyecare providers to use certain laboratories and to allow eyecare providers to source corrective lenses and associated materials to fill prescriptions from any lab, providing the best vision to the patient at the lowest cost in the shortest amount of time. This is needed legislation, but also must be amended to include Opticians!

HB1444 covers only two of the three “O’s”: ophthalmologists and optometrists. Opticians need this legislation too! Excluding Opticians from the legislation diminishes and excludes one profession to the financial benefit of others, further reducing the freedom of choice and competition which benefits Virginia’s vision care consumers.

If you haven’t contacted your legislators yet, it’s not too late and now easier than ever! We have created a webpage where you can send your support with ONE click! When sending support to legislators you have to provide your address information. So simply click on this link https://www.muster.com/vaopticians/, add in who you are and where you live in Virginia and your support will instantly be sent via email to EVERY legislator involved in this bill!

We are making an impact and we can’t let up now! We are counting on your support. Please share this with everyone you know. Spouses, family members, friends and customers!Sincerely,
Kristi Green, President
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