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Recent JLARC Report recommends discontinuing Opticians' licensure

The OAV exists to support, inform and protect Virginia Opticians. If you were not aware of this licensure issue before now, click the Read the Report button below to access the JLARC recommendations. Then peruse this editorial from the Richmond Times-Dispatch which supported the JLARC recommendations, by clicking here.

Click here to read the OAV’s response to the JLARC recommendations and the editorial. This effort is just starting, and we need everyone to join the OAV now to keep our licenses!


It’s the year that:

  • The American (Baseball) League organized in Buffalo, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee and Minneapolis?
  • The United States and the United Kingdom sign a treaty on the Panama Canal?
  • Great Britain beat France in the first (and only) Olympic Cricket match?


1900 is our target membership for OAV. That’s how many licensed Virginia Opticians there are! And, that’s how many members we need to join OAV in the fight for our licenses.

I’m not going to tell you how many Licensed Opticians actually support their only organization. Why? Because it’s embarrassingly low.

Get off the sidelines and join us. Call every Licensed Optician you know (you don’t have to like them; you don’t have to like who they work for either) and tell them to join us. Don’t let them off the hook! Don’t let them tell you that we are just a social club with no impact. Tell them that we are the ONLY organization that represents professional Opticians in Virginia. Their membership will give us the working capital we need to win this fight.

Now is not the time to wring your hands. It is the time to write that check or swipe that card and join OAV!

Judy Canty, LDO

The OAV is the exclusive representative of over 1,900 opticians licensed by the State of Virginia.

Our website provides our members and the public with information about the OAV and the role of Opticianry in improving the vision of all Virginians.



The purpose of the Opticians Association of Virginia is to advance the skillful practice of Opticianry for the safety and welfare of the people of Virginia, by representing, educating and serving all Opticians.

Who We Are

The Opticians Association of Virginia is the exclusive representation of Opticians in Virginia. We are a non-profit association represented by volunteers on the Board of Directors.


What We Do

The OAV represents Virginia’s opticians in the legislature and follows potential changes to laws that may affect Virginia’s Opticians. We also assist opticians in furthering their knowledge by hosting two educational conferences a year.

If you want to be respected as a licensed professional, you must be trained and continue the education process throughout your career.

We Fought...YOU Won

What if the Optician’s License you worked so hard for was taken away? What if every dispensing decision was made by the Doctor instead of by you? What if anyone with no training was allowed to do what you do? Would that affect you?  You bet it would!  Your pay would decrease and an untrained person would take your job in an instant!  This nightmare could become reality at any time.

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