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HB 2099-A Bill to Deregulate Opticians in Virginia

Yes, a bill to deregulate Opticians in Virginia has been filed.

HB2099 has been filed by Rep. Nicholas Freitas (R-30) that includes deregulation of Opticians as a profession.

Our lobbyist informed us this morning and will have more information available this evening.

We are asking you all to remain calm and wait for our next moves
The Legislative Group and the entire OAV Board of Directors will be meeting this evening to review the next steps as advised by our lobbyist.

This fight is real and we will need the participation of every Licensed Optician in Virginia beginning now!

Please, if you haven’t joined us, do it now!

Fight to protect your profession!


Judy Canty, President

Attention Virginia Opticians

The Joint Legislative Audit & Review Commission (JLARC), a Virginia General Assembly policy oversight agency, has officially recommended Opticians be deregulated in Virginia. If this recommendation is adopted by the General Assembly, your License to fit, fabricate, sell and dispense prescription eyewear would no longer be required in the Commonwealth. Unless we all join the fight, deregulation will happen when the General Assembly meets in January 2019!

The Opticians Association of Virginia, the ONLY organization representing Virginia’s 1900 Licensed Opticians, needs you to join the fight to save your license and protect the eyeglass wearing public.

Please take a moment to educate yourself by visiting our website at www.vaopticians.org and reading the JLARC report to the General Assembly and prepare yourselves by following the suggested next steps listed below. Your license depends upon your support.
• Visit the Opticians Association of Virginia website at www.vaopticians.org and provide a valid email address for further updates and calls to action.
• Join the OAV as a member and help support this fight
• Find out who your state representatives (Senator & Delegates) are by searching whosmy.virginiageneralassembly.gov and let us know who represents you. If you have a personal relationship with them and would be willing to contact them on behalf of our profession, please let us know that also. When the time is right, we will be supplying you with information to proactively share with them on this issue.
• If you can contribute beyond your OAV dues any additional help will be appreciated with the expenses of mailings and lobbyist fees. The estimated fee for our lobbyist is $26,000 plus mailings and continuous communications as we would like to keep you all informed and updated.
• Gather support from MD’s, OD’s, Patient’s and share these testimonials with us as soon as possible. At the appropriate time, we may also ask you to share these with your legislators.

You know what it means to be an Optician and understand the value you provide patients when helping them make critical decisions about their visual needs. Take a moment and imagine the results of no required education or supervised training, the inability to evaluate a patient’s history, analyze the new prescription, properly select the appropriate frame and lens design to deliver the prescription necessary. How many of your elderly, young, complex prescriptions or emerging presbyopic patients would suffer?

This fight is not just for your license/livelihood but the visual health and safety of every patient you serve.

If this deregulation is passed the result would be immediate loss of jobs & pay cuts. This would be across the board in retail locations, private practices, wholesale and all facets of the optical industry. This is not the time to think that your position is secure regardless of your tenure. Join us in this fight, get informed, stay informed and be ready to act as necessary.

The OAV is your association and in preparation of defending your license and the visual health and safety of your patients we must act as one. If you are already an OAV member, thank you for your continued support. If you are not a member of the OAV, JOIN NOW and help support this fight. It is vital that you make sure OAV has your updated contact/email for communications, updates and information.

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What if the Optician’s License you worked so hard for was taken away? What if every dispensing decision was made by the Doctor instead of by you? What if anyone with no training was allowed to do what you do? Would that affect you?  You bet it would!  Your pay would decrease and an untrained person would take your job in an instant!  This nightmare could become reality at any time.

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