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Partner Benefits

The value and benefits of the OAV Partner program far exceed the cost. Plus, the program eliminates the repetitive solicitation of funds for every event and marketing opportunity. This not only saves you time, but it also allows the Association to operate in a more efficient and professional manner. For your annual contribution, your business receives community exposure, event benefits and cost-effective advertising.

Your annual contribution of only $500 to participate in our Sponsorship Partner Program offers the following partner benefits, over $1500 value, to your company for the upcoming year.

Visibility Throughout the Year

  • A listing of our partners for the year of partnership is displayed on the front page of our website. A direct link from your logo on the main page connects Virginia Opticians to your information page that may include information about your company, how to contact local representatives and anything else you would like visitors to know.
  • Quarterly OAV newsletters devote a separate page to listing our partners. They include a request to our membership to support you, the vendors who support us.
  • Your logo is displayed on all OAV electronic correspondence, including e-mail blasts and social media where appropriate.

Visibility at Spring and Fall Events

  • Our partners have the opportunity to display at the Spring Convention and Fall Symposium at no charge and without time limit. A rectangular table will be provided for you in a visible place in the registration and break areas. Partners may display all day Saturday and Sunday mornings if desired, or just join us for lunch.
  • Partners present at the event will have the opportunity to be personally introduced to our audience at all meetings and give a 3-5-minute presentation on their products or services.
  • All continuing education courses, seminars and meal areas will display a poster board and/or tent cards noting our partners and encouraging our participants to “Support our Partners who have helped make this day possible”
  • Virginia Licensed Opticians who are Partner representatives may attend Continuing Education Classes offered by the OAV free of charge.

Keeping in Touch with Virginia Opticians

  • All partners, upon request, are entitled to a copy of the OAV membership list for their office and may be used by your sales personnel when making visits and calling upon accounts.
  • Keep in touch with a FREE advertisement in our membership newsletter annually. The advertisement may be up to 1/4th of a page in size.
  • Receive the opportunity to send one e-mail blast to our membership per year advertising your products and services.
  • Partners may design and submit one Facebook post per year.

Keeping in Touch with the OAV

  • All partners and their local representatives will become Affiliate Members of OAV, qualifying them to receive association newsletters and all other member correspondence.
  • All partners have an open invitation to attend any of our regularly scheduled Board of Directors meetings.

Receive all these great ways to connect with Opticians throughout the year, a value of over $1,500, for a small contribution of only $500!

Become a Partner

Reach Virginia Opticians and apply to be a partner with the OAV today.