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We Fought – YOU Won!

What if the Optician’s License you worked so hard for was taken away?
What if every dispensing decision was made by the Doctor instead of by you?
What if anyone with no training was allowed to do what you do?

Would that affect you?  You bet it would!  Your pay would decrease and an untrained person would take your job in an instant!  This nightmare could become reality at any time.

Every day the Opticians Association of Virginia is looking out for Opticians like you. This year, the OAV successfully defended your right to neutralize and duplicate a spectacle Rx from an existing pair of eyeglasses.  And the year before we fought and won to protect your status as a health care provider against big insurance among others. Thank goodness, the OAV was paying attention. Opticians in Virginia could have been stripped of these rights and others. Opticians in Georgia did lose their right to neutralize and duplicate, while Opticians in Arizona and Ohio are also being threatened with deregulation at every turn.

When your license is threatened, we need to hire lobbyists to help defend your license against those who will take it away. We need your help. Membership dues currently cover our operating costs, but if challenged it would be difficult to defend you. Would you be able to make a $50 contribution to protect your license?  Your contribution of $25, $50, $100 or any amount you can afford to give will be used to defend Opticianry in Virginia and keep you up-to-date on the latest legislative issues.  You can contribute  by clicking here.

Your livelihood is at stake!  Please consider making a contribution today to protect the best quality care that only you can provide as a Licensed Optician.

Thank you in advance for your support. Your contribution is vital to continue the legacy of Virginia Licensed Opticians – you do not want to lose your license because we couldn’t act.