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We have just learned that there was a technical error in the legislation regarding the new effective date amendment. Legislative services forgot to revise it so that the new date also applied to contracts. So, that means that Delegate Ware’s office is requesting the Governor make this technical amendment now that it is at his office. After he makes the amendment, the bill will return to the General Assembly for "veto session" which is not until Wednesday, April 15. That is when the legislature approves or rejects the Governor’s amendments and vetoes.

The amendment has to be accepted by both the House and Senate. If it is not, the bill returns to the Governor. He can then sign or just veto the bill.

We will just need to work to make sure that both the House and Senate accept the technical amendment. Let me know if you have any questions- I know it’s a bit confusing. As far as our strategy goes, we will plan on sending out an action alert the day before veto session. Our lobbyist will be at veto session and will lobby members on it.